Minutes of Monthly Committee Meetings

Event Reports

EVENT REPORT The second Lydford Christmas Light Switch-On made a tremendous sum of 200 and a great time was had by all those who came along to eat mince pies and drink mulled wine and hot chocolate. A big thank you to the Marsh Family for hosting and sponsoring the event and all their hard work in making it such a success.

EVENT REPORT The 2014 Bistro and Auction was a huge success with a fabulous 1,600+ raised on the night. Nick Skeaping did the honours again and improved on last year's total. Thank you to all who attended and the very kind support of the local businesses and individuals who donated auction prizes.

EVENT REPORT The Barn Dance held in the Nicholls Hall was a great evening of entertainment with music provided by Walter Shortage and the Hosepipe Banned....

EVENT REPORT The Lydford Light Switch-On at The Old Cottage went off with a bang on the evening of 7th December. A good crowd and afestive atmosphere got the festivities underway. A tremendous 150 was raised on the night ....Click here to read the full report.

The Playground Bistro and Christmas Auction were a resounding success on the evening of the 23rd November. A fantastic amount of money was raised - over 1,400 ....Click here to read the full report.

Our first fundraiser - an Open Garden at beautiful Holdstrong Farm was held on Sunday September 8th September 2013 and was a great success that raised a fantastic 397.90. Click here for a full report....

Coming soon.... News of progress, grants applied for, a 'Totaliser' showing the money raised to date, works completed, events organised / completed and photos of them.

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Where will the Playground be situated?
The playground is sited at the far end of the Sports Field Pavilion.

What will it include?
There is now a range of traditional play equipment for children of all ages. This includes climbing, swings, slide, a log jumble and an agility trail - there is even a picnic table with seating for 8. We hope to also build a Multi-USe Games Area (MUGA) which will be an enclosed all-weather play area for older children to play ball games with pitch markings and nets / hoops for 5-a-side football, netball, basketball, paddle tennis and perhaps volleyball.

Where can I see a plan?
You can see the Playground in-situ up at the Sports Field wher you will find traditional play equipment that appeals to children of all ages and there are artist's impressions and plans of the MUGA on this website (click here) and a board with a plan on it is in the Nicholl's Hall.

When will it be completed?
Phase 1 of the Project - buiding a Children's Playground - has been completed on schedule and we are now working on Phase 2 - the MUGA. When this will be ready very much depends on how well the fund raising goes. We are aiming for Spring 2016.

How much will it cost?
The overall cost of both phases (the Playground being Phase 1 and the MUGA being Phase 2) is in the region of 50,000.

UPDATE - Phase 1 has been completed and the Plaground is now built and in use. We are currently exploring funding options for Phase 2 and hope to have the money in place soon.

What is the Parish Council's role in all this and are they paying for it?
The Parish Council are acting as the 'umbrella' body to allow us to raise the funds and get this project off the ground this is a requirement to secure the funding and to simplify the planning process. A management agreement will be put in place that will secure the use of the land for the purpose of the playground. The Parish Council will be the 'owner' of the playground for purposes of RoSPA certification and insurance.

Who will pay for it?
The money will come from a variety of sources, including our own fund raising activities in the local community, but the majority will come from the relevant organisations who offer grants for this type of project.

Can I make a donation and if so how do I do it?
We would be delighted to receive a donation from you, whether it is large or small, whether you do so on an individual basis or on behalf of a business. You can make donations in the following ways:
  • In person to a committee member when you see us out and about in the village or at one of our fundraisers.
  • Directly in to the Parish Council bank account at Lloyds bank or online by using the following account information:-
    Bank: Lloyds Bank plc
    Sort Code: 77-09-07
    Account Number: 18210868
    Reference: 'Playground'
  • By using the Paypal 'donate' buttons on the website.
  • By post. Please make cheques payable to 'Lydford Parish Council - Playground' and send to; Tony Williams, Moorlands, Lydford, EX20 4AU
NB. The Parish Council normally only receives money from one source, the precept. Any money received in to the Parish Council account is assumed to be for the playground, so even if you forget to use 'Playground' as the reference your contribution will still be allocated to the Playground funds.

Will Planning Permission be needed?
No. Parish Councils are allowed to build playgrounds, even within National Parks, as part of their permitted development rights. Our plans have been formulated with the relevant restrictions to this right in mind.

Who will be liable for insuring the equipment and making it a safe environment for children to play in?
The Parish Council will be adding the playground on to their existing insurance policy. Each year RoSPA will carry out a safety check on the equipment and issue a safety certificate providing it is all in good order.

What about ongoing maintenance, who will do it and who will pay for it?
The Committee will meet each month to keep the area in good order and check over the equipment, fencing, hedges and surroundings. There will be ongoing fundraising to pay for what should be fairly low maintenance costs mostly just materials as the committee will supply the labour!

Why do we need a playground?
Children need to play in order to develop and a playground provides a safe and secure environment in which they can do this. It will also provide a focal point for the children and parents / grand parents to meet socially with their fellow residents and will help lead to a more friendly and inclusive community. Playgrounds are an excellent resource for residents and it will add further to the appeal of our already great village.

Who is pushing this forward?
There is a committee of enthusiastic volunteers who are driving the plan forward and will take on the role of ongoing maintenance. Current members are:

       Tony Williams (Chair)
       Mick Jones (Vice-Chair)
       Hannah Braithwaite-Smith (Secretary)
       Jo Luxford
       Ross Simmons
       Dr Theresa Redding (Treasurer)

Who will look after it when the current committee's children have grown up or if they move out of the area?
Change is inevitable and children grow up and families move on, that's the way of the World. Whenever a member of the committee leaves we will seek to find a replacement. But just as people move away, new families move in and being a part of a playground committee is an excellent way to support your children and to put a little back in to village life, so there should always be willing volunteers.

How can I get involved?
If you want to be a member of the committee simply drop us a line via our contact page or catch hold of any of the committee members listed above. We'd love to hear from you and it's a rewarding role you will be taking on.

What if I still have questions / concerns, who can I speak to?
We can't hope to answer all the questions that might come up so if this FAQs page hasn't cleared something up for you then please email us (, use the 'Contact Us' page on this website or speak to any of the committee members. Hopefully we can answer your question or set to rest any concerns you may have

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The Playground

The Playground is now built, so go along and have a look how it has turned out - we hope you will be as delighted with it as we are!

The Multi-Use Games Area

If you have a question that isn't answered on the website or if you have any ideas that might help please do get in touch via the 'Contact Us' page.